Clarissa & Michael :: Day After Adventure Session at Nakalele Point

January 29, 2018

Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0178Clarissa and Michael’s Maui Day After Adventure Session is a perfect example of how much beauty there is on this amazing island of Maui waiting to be explored. A few days after their gorgeous wedding at the Olowalu Plantation House Wedding, we ventured through a Tropical Jungle and the West Maui Mountains together, while capturing their love, as they reveled in having just become husband and wife. Adventuring outdoors and being active is something that this couple enjoys together so scheduling a Day After Session doing what they love, while also exploring off the beaten path locations in Maui, made perfect sense!

Clarissa chose not to wear her wedding gown for their Day After Session and instead donned two different dresses during their shoot. Michael looked dapper in an on-trend Ultra Violet suit and later changed into his wedding tuxedo, featuring a modern blush jacket, by Knot Standard. We truly enjoy the extra thought and efforts they put into their outfits! It made for great imagery!
We hit a couple spot on the west side of Maui for their Day After Adventure Session. Starting at a jungle/forest locations with lots of greenery and transitioning to cliffs and large grassy areas. We end up their session at the Nakalele Point. This point is located at the rugged northwestern tip of the island and offers breathtaking views along the coastline cliffs, potential whale spotting, a fun trail along the lava fields, and a blowhole that could spouts a fountain of ocean water over 100 feet into the air. It is a super fun adventure! It requires a bit of hiking, so this not for everyone but it was perfect for our just married couple !
This adventurous couple was so much fun to work with, and after spending so much time with them on the day of the wedding, we felt like we were hiking with old friends, while simultaneously creating a collection of images that they will always treasure.
Please contact us for more information on our Adventure Day After Sessions, we’d love to chat with you and plan the perfect location that speaks to the two of you as a couple.


Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0166 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0168 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0169Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0171 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0172 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0173 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0175 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0174 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0183Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0185 Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0184Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0186Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0188Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0197Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0198Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0215Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0204Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0206Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0216Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0218Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0208Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0209Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0202Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0219Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0220Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0226Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0227Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0223Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0231Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0229Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0232Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0235Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0236Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0240Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0243Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0246Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0238Olowalu-Plantation-House-Maui-Wedding-0248

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