Married with Children. Episode I :: Big Island Adventure 2011

November 9, 2012

Wecome to our new blog series “Married with Children”. Being a full time husband/wife photography team and raising two children simultaneously has its challenges …. Its a lot of hard work and most times it is not glamorous in the least. But we keep shooting for the stars and pushing forward  because we believe in what we do with the utmost conviction. And in the end, the rewards are priceless. We invite you to follow our family adventures, some good and some not so much. We can guarantee you only one thing –  they are real 🙂

In this episode we visit my Mom’s house on the Big Island. This is the house I grew up in and it holds some of my most precious life memories. Located in South Kona in the middle of the jungle. Off the grid completely. It was so special to be in a place where we were forced to take time off. No electricity = no editing, no staying up late watching movies or Facebooking. Just pure quality time with the people we love most in this world – FAMILIA. My brother Andre of All Time Media joined us for the trip with his daughter Ayah-Love and beautiful wife Jules who was 7 months pregnant with ” Baby Dre” at the time. Good times!

Ezra the world traveler

After and hour and a half drive into the country, we were greeted at the front door by Uilani – my Mama’s super sweet pit-bull.


My Mom picks us a papaya for breakfast

Queen of the castle

Sharwill avocados from the Big Island – best ever!

Ezra is s freak for tangerines – he was in heaven in the orchard 🙂

I was very impressed with my Mom’s cacao ….

Andre the filmmaker.

Ezra with his new buddy …. Uilani.

Zozo in the window ….

Bath time!

After a quiet morning at home we we took the kids exploring around the island ….. starting with the zebra who lives just down the road.

Ka’u to Puna – the longest undeveloped coastline in Hawaii. Lets keep it that way.

If you know our family then you know that no day is complete without a dip in the ocean. We stoped at one of the many secret spots on the BI.

Ayah and Zoey, The Artists.

The Family …

My Mom and Aunt Tanya. Two very strong and inspiring women.

The three amigos. Left to right – Ayah, Zoey, Ezra.

The one good thing about the VOG (volcanic smog) is the deep red sunsets. The down side of course is the extremely poor air quality in Kona. Very sad because I remember vibrant blue skies here when I was growing up but that is a thing of the past now in Kona.

Long day – sweet dreams!

My Mom is the best – She never fails to give me the best massage ever when I am home. Love you Mom!

These two were up bright and early ready to go. Today’s adventure, head across the island to Puna to my brothers house to remove the tenant who refused to pay rent or answer my brothers calls for months.

Hooray! We made it after two hours in the car with two screaming kids!!

Ezzy carries Ayah because the grass was “scratchy” 🙂 too adorable!

After finding Andre and Jules’s house completely trashed and the tenant nowhere to be found, we cleaned what we could at the moment and then went for some luch at the nearest healthfood store in Pahoa town – Island Naturals.

And then of course another dip in the ocean at one of Hilo’s beach Parks.

The morning we left. Both Sandra and I agreed that we need to get back to this place more often. It was relaxing, refreshing and inspiring. It was by far better than any vacation in a resort or theme park etc… It was simple and sweet. And we had an incredible realization – Its not where you go or where you stay, the amenities or luxuries that make a vacation, its the people.

We look forward to our next Big Island Adventure

We look forward to posting our next episode of Married with Children. Thanks for stopping by!



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