maui beach wedding :: christina and matt

July 7, 2012

Christina and Matt met at a mutual friends wedding. Christina was a member of the bridal party for her friend Nadine who happened to be Matt’s neighbor. Matt was washing his truck when Christina arrived. She sarcastically asked, “when your finished can I bring my car over?” To which he answered “I’ll wash anything you bring over”- talk about a smooth playa! Thats when Matt was appointed his new nick name “hot neighbor” which Christina still calls him to this day. At that wedding Matt was caught on film seriously rubber-necking to get a glimpse of Christina walking down the aisle. They were both in relationships at the time and ended up going their own directions after the wedding, although both admit that they were a little intrigued by their brief encounter. A few months later, after both had “escaped”(Christina’s words) their previous relationships they were in, Christina’s friend Nadine set them up for a date! They clicked instantly – and here we are!

Matt and Christina were married at Kapalua bay on June 20th 2012. This is the same day Christina’s Father and Grand Father were married. This is a wedding that was truly an honor to be a part of. And honestly, I couldnt wait to blog it. No there was no castle or fairy tale venue. No princess gown with a 30 foot train and veil. No grand soiree or lavish tablescapes and florals. Just people who love each other very much. It was Christina, Matt and their parents. That was it. Everyone was so involved and really made it special. There were so many moments, so much emotion and tons of personality. Although we love shooting all the details and things, for us – thats what makes a wedding – the people ….. not the stuff.

Cheers! – D

A toast between the gents. What’s a wedding without a little whiskey!

This purse was handed down to Christina by Her Grandmother who also used it as a bridal purse. Its all about the family legacy!

Matt – waiting for the first glimpse of his Bride-To-Be.

Nothing spectacular but this is my favorite frame from the day. Matt wiping the tears from his mother’s face. – D

They had the sweetest first dance on the beach. Followed by the Father/daughter and mother/son dances which turned into all 6 of them dancing together on the beach. Seriously, I love this family!

We suggested that they take a walk for a moment alone together. Of course, walking is just way too boring for these two so they danced their way down the beach and raced back – good times!

“I work out”

Christina is so spontaneous. There was a local fisherman walking by and she did not hesitate to ask for the fishing pole for a few shots of her hooking Matt and reeling him in. It was perfect. Especially because one of their favorite things to do together is big game sport fishing.

“Im sexy and I know it” We were all singing this song the entire shoot!

Big mahalo to

Marvin Tevaga for the amazing tunes on the Ukulele and to

Pia Aluli for the truly heartfelt and genuine service for Christina and Matt.

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