"“Throughout Hawaii and the west coast, Dmitri and Sandra are well known for their fresh, soulful style photography that reveals the beauty of the people and places they photograph. With an innate sense of what is important and authentic, they produce images that are honest, uplifting and truly gorgeous.” — Junebug Weddings

About  The Photographers

Dmitri & Sandra

Hello, we are Dmitri & Sandra. Best friends, adventurers, business partners and, husband and wife photography team. We are based on Maui, where, with our two children Ezra & Zoey, you will find us near the ocean playing in the surf, or relishing in the islands abundant beauty. 

Over the past decade we have had the honor of photographing some of the most beautiful weddings in Hawaii & across the globe. 
Our work has been featured in some of the industry's top publications including, Style Me Pretty, Destination I Do, 100 Layer Cake, Pacific Weddings, Inside Weddings, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow & more …

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Our upbringings have had much influence on how we see the world , the celebrations and the people we photograph. Ambitious to capture authentic moments & raw emotion & inspired by family legacy and the stories we see unfold. Our attraction to fine art and all things old world europe, we have found film, a medium which we adore for We use (a mixture of digital and film) film, a medium that our appreciation for fine art has led us too. Infatuated by the soft grain, depth, and timeless organic feeling, film delivers a final image that is both beautiful & soulful. We shoot this format when the light and pace of the event allow and of course we are very grateful for the capabilities of today’s digital cameras and also incorporate these throughout events as well. We hope you will drop us a note, we would love to hear more about you and your special day. 

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Our  Mission

Driven by a mission to create organic, timeless imagery, we put our heart & soul into each wedding to create unique & soulful memories. With an innovative spirit for storytelling, fine art, and incredible scenery, we work to capture stunning photographs while maintaining professionalism and having fun with our clients. Our images are composed with purpose to capture both the editorial detail, as well as genuine moments as they unfold. 

Meet our AMAZING team member Maxyne. She is an integral part of our business, assisting us on wedding days and photographing small weddings and portraits for us representing the Dmitri & Sandra brand.
We could not do what we do without her. We love Maxyne and are so appreciative of her great work and crucial role she plays at D&S Photography.

About Dmitri

I, grew up on the Big Island and spent most of my days playing barefoot in the wild or near the surf on the lava lined Kona coast. I've had a lifelong love affair with Hawaii since before I can remember. 
Growing up off the grid with no TV, the stories the uncles and aunties in our community told became my entertainment. I became captivated with stories and great storytellers and Hawaii has some of the best. Photography has allowed me to tell stories and I enjoy the fulfillment of capturing a life-long story within one day.
When Im not behind the camera, Im an avid surfer, brazilian jiu jitsu black belt & competitor, full time dad & husband. 

About Sandra

I, grew up in Peru, moving around from the highlands to the jungle, to stark contrast of metropolitan city of Lima. While moving around was challenging, it forced my family to create a strong family culture and traditions that live on today. My childhood memories are filled with frequent family gatherings at my grandmother's house, with her delicious home cooking served on her special china at her x-large dining table. I loved hearing the adults sharing their childhood stories, I think this is where my appreciation for family history started and also my love for dancing, everyone danced the night away at our family gatherings.

Being surrounded by black and white photographs of my family members in suits and dresses, along with my mom's timeless style has made me a lover of all things classic.

My appreciation for family gatherings, traditions and the classic aesthetic has a big influence on my photography and what I work to capture. I feel incredibly privileged to be able to make family history for our clients thru our photography.