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Elopements Start at $2000
Wedding Packages with both Dmitri & Sandra start at $6200. Petite Packages are available. 
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Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii






How do we book you for our wedding? With a simple & seamless process, things can be made official with a 40% retainer & signed contract. 

How far in advance are you booked? Typically wedding dates are reserved about 8-12 months in advance(with less availability the shorter the notice). 

How Long have you been in biz? Dmitri Started shooting weddings by himself in 2010 and photographs many of our weddings solo, or with his assistant. Sandra joined shortly after in 2012.  

Do you shoot together? Yes and No. For our classic and full day packages both Dmitri & Sandra shoot. For our smaller packages, Dmitri(our founder and lead wedding photographer) shoots alone.

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