By Dmitri & Sandra

Film is a medium we are incredibly passionate about and it is what we use for the majority of our wedding work. Film photography is a true craft, and the images produced with film boast bright creamy skin tones, rich color, soft grain, and exude a nostalgic feeling that is true to life. In our opinion, there is no higher quality for photography than medium format film. Many clients ask why film, and we often compare it to a music lovers obsession with vinyl, and the smooth sound that cannot be replicated with digital technology. Even the highest quality and most expensive modern digital cameras can not compare with the quality of medium format film. 

Photographed by Dmitri or Sandra
1 hour portrait session $1400
Includes all images taken 
+ print release 


Digital photography. A true modern marvel. While the results do not produce quite the same feeling film does, it is pretty close and it does offer some advantages that film does not. Mainly the fact that we can shoot this format without incurring the cost of film, developing (scanning to digital format i.e. jpegs) and shipping costs, which allows us to shoot more, and shoot faster. It's great for photographing families with young children under age 8.  
(only offered for family sessions)

Photographed by Dmitri, Sandra, or team member, Maxyne
1 hour portrait session $990
Includes all images taken 
+ print release 

30 minute mini-session $690
Includes 50 images
+print release 
Photographed by D&S team member, Maxyne

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