As far as romantic vacation destinations go, you can’t beat the Island of Maui, especially if you’re newly engaged. Alex and AJ were planning their vacation to Maui this past February and wanted to schedule a destination engagement session into their itinerary. Not just a typical engagement shoot on Maui, but they were interested in doing something fun and adventurous. We jumped at the chance to create an adventure engagement session that was tailored to the two of them as a couple while also sharing and exploring some of our favorite secret spots on Maui that you won’t find in any guide book.

We spent our time hiking to one of our favorite, remote areas on Maui, while capturing all of the love, beauty and romance between the two of them. As our exploration continued, we led them to one of the most pristine, private, clear water tide pools that we had all to ourselves, it doesn’t get more romantic than that. We had so much fun exploring the beautiful island of Maui together and were so thrilled that they enjoyed their experience just as much as we did!
In their own words:

“We had the most amazing experience shooting with Dmitri and Sandra for our engagement shoot. We had never done a professional photo shoot before so I was a bit nervous but they made us feel very at ease and chose the PERFECT location for our shoot. It didn’t even feel like a photo shoot; it was an exploration through a magical spot in Maui. We would definitely recommend them. Your pictures will be truly unique and you will have a blast! Thank you Dmitri and Sandra!”

To schedule a destination engagement session or one of our unique adventure sessions during your Maui vacation, we’d love to hear from you!
Let’s explore and have fun while creating memories that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.


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Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-11 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-7 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-8
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Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-42 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-41 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-44 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-45 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-47 Alex&AJ0214 Alex&AJ0216 Alex&AJ0218 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-67 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-68 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-48 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-58 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-49
Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-52 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-51 Alex&AJ0235
Alex&AJ0228 Alex&AJ0100 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-65 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-53 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-55 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-62 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-70 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-64 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-69 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-72 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-73 Maui-Engagement-Photo-Adventure-74  

An Early Morning Maui Adventure Engagement

March 29, 2018

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