Gorgeous Maui Wedding at The Olowalu Plantation House :: Becca & John

September 13, 2018

Becca and John have been vacationing in Hawaii for as long as they have been dating so choosing Maui as their destination wedding location was an easy decision. They knew that this balmy Hawaiian paradise was the perfect location to gather their family and friends for a week filled with love, laughter and unforgettable memories. They wanted their celebration to be centered around their loved ones, spending as much quality time with them as possible. They envisioned a fun and welcoming atmosphere with thoughtful touches which included a piece of Becca’s mom’s wedding dress wrapped around her bouquet, wedding photos of their parents and grandparents displayed prominently and pictures of family and friends placed at every table. Decor in shades of light blues and greens reflected the natural elements of their surroundings.

As the couple hails from the Seattle area, elements of earth and water are synonymous with their love story. The bride shares:
“ Every 4th of July I would go to my best friend’s cabin on Whidbey Island, just outside of Seattle. John would go to his best friend’s cabin (our officiant) on the same beach. One 4th of July in 2013, after being on the same beach for many years, we finally noticed each other. I remember him by the camp fire taking photos of the beach. After trying to get John to ask me out on a date for the entire summer, we saw each other at a UW football game. I gave John my number and told him we should go out sometime. The rest is history.
After that first fateful meeting, their love story came full circle as John proposed in the most romantic of ways:
“ Whidbey Island has always been really special to us, since it is where we first met, and we usually go there a couple times of year. There is a hike right above the beach that has always been on our list to do. In April of last year, we decided to finally do the hike. It was really windy and rainy, but we packed a picnic and went on the hike anyway. We made it about halfway through but had to turn around because it was too cold. John seemed a little bummed that we couldn’t have our picnic on the beach so we drove around the island to 3 different beaches to see if the weather was any better. I didn’t think much of it, because we love exploring the island together. Finally we went to check into our hotel and had a picnic in the room. We drank a bottle of wine, talked and looked at the beautiful water. After we were done he stood up, had his hands behind his back and asked if I wanted dessert. I told him of course I did and he handed me a box of Frans chocolates, which were my favorite. I got so excited and started opening the box. I looked up and he was still standing there with one hand behind his back. He said he had another surprise for me and got down on one knee. The rest is a blur… after it was over I had to ask him 3 different times to remind me what he said.
We were so inspired by these two and the immense amount of love between them, not to mention their effortlessly elegant, modern tropical wedding that captured their love story perfectly. We were so honored to have been chosen as their photographers and are excited to share all of the gorgeous details with you below.


Maui Wedding Planner: Platinum Weddings & Events
Maui Wedding Photographer: Both Dmitri & Sandra Together (6 hours) Dmitri and Sandra Photography
Hair and Makeup: MeiLi Autumn Beauty
Ceremony Musician: Marvin Tevaga 
Calligraphy: Miss B Calligraphy
Place Settings: Set Maui
Bar Service: Aloha Bars Maui
Catering: Cafe O’Lei
DJ Entertainment: Maui DJ Services
Bridal Gown: Sarah Seven
Bridal Shoes: Vince Camuto
Groom’s Suit: Indochino


Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0002 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0014 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0010
Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0011 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0018 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0019 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0015 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0016 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0017 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0005 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0006 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0022 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0021 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0023 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0025 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0029 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0024 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0031 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0026 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0028 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0030 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0033
Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0036 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0038 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0040
Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0042 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0044
Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0001 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0047 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0050
Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0053 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0056 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0055 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0135 Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0058Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0061Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0059Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0062Maui-Wedding-Phototgrapher-0064
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