What to Expect From Your Maui Engagement Session

March 30, 2021

You made it to Maui with your Fiancé! It’s beautiful out, the weather is perfect, and your in love! There is no better time or place to capture the moment. Being in business for a decade, we have been lucky enough to photograph many engagement sessions in Hawaii, and we wanted to share our tips, so you know what to expect and how to get the most out of your engagement session on Maui.

What to wear?

Don’t be afraid to look your best! Wear outfits & accessories (a cool hat or headpiece, a flower crown, sunglasses, a shawl etc..) that you feel AWESOME wearing. Don’t force yourself into something uncomfortable that you would never normally wear (this goes for ladies AND gentleman). It is always fun to bring two outfits. One dressy outfit that we will start the session with, and we will finish at the beach in more casual attire. Make sure it’s something that can be easily changed into at our chosen location. For example, changing shirts is easy and can be done anywhere, but if you want to change into a dress, things get a little more complicated! (Think back seat of a car…) Gentlemen, this is a once in a lifetime shoot. Dont be a afraid to Look good also. Its likely your lady is going all out to look her best, spending on hair, make-up, clothes and shoes for this shoot. No need to get too crazy, but don’t hesitate to pull out that fire outfit she loves you in 😉 Regarding color, pastel or earthy tones are always great, as they blend well. Off-whites or cream tones look great near the ocean or anywhere on Maui really. Wear cute shoes! It is the finishing touch to your outfit 🙂 (Yes, that means you get to go shopping!) Texture is great, like the flow gowns that Paige (featured in this post) decided to wear for the session below. Flowy gowns look great in soft back-light, and also capture the feeling of movement, making for very dreamy images. Highly recommended if its something you feel confident wearing. If there is one thing that could set your shoot apart from others its this next tip. *Bring swimsuits (optional of course)!!!! Our very favorite is when our couples finish their sessions in the ocean together in their swimsuits. It’s a fun way to truly capture the vibe on Maui and finish with some playful images.


Because the lighting and weather conditions on Maui change frequently throughout the day, being adaptable and willing to change plans on the drop of a dime is a must. Just trust us to find a good location and try not to be too dead-set on any particular spot. We will always try to shoot in the planned location, however we are not afraid to scrap the original plan to find some good light or weather. There are so many great locations to shoot on Maui! Maui is a tropical island, it rains, it gets windy, it gets hot, and the landscapes change regularly. Many of the locations we will take you to will be off the beaten path. Some of these locations require walking on rocks near the ocean, or trails through jungles or field. These trails could be overgrown, muddy or dusty depending on recent weather patterns, and may require a bit of an adventurous spirit for the best experience. Our only tip is to be open minded and to TRUST us 🙂 We will take great care of you, and we always say the best images are reserved for the bold!


For many of our couples, the engagement session is the first time getting professional photos taken, so there could be a bit of anxiety. This is common. 99% of couples we photograph say they are not photogenic or are nervous being in front of the camera. No worries! We are easy going and fun, we love to laugh with our couples, we never judge, & we give a ton of guidance when needed. After a few minutes getting to know us and our style, you will feel right at home being yourselves. Another thing we hear from our clients quite often is “we are just more of a goofy or fun couple, and we don’t see ourselves doing all those cuddly poses”. Totally understandable, and we will work our way into getting some fun images when the time is right. They are definitely a part of a great engagement collection. However, it would be difficult and a dis-service to you if we spend too much time trying to capture goofy …. Trust and participation is key. Give us those and you will love your images, promise!!

Day Of

Leave your purse in the car. We can carry around small items like car keys and lip gloss in our bags if you must have them on hand. We want your hands to be free during the session.
Go to the restroom right before you leave. Many places that we shoot do not have accessible restrooms nearby, and we want to be sure to maximize the shooting time we have together.
Bring towels, flat shoes or flip flops (these will come in handy when we are walking on trails, rocks, sand etc.. or if you just need to get into something more comfortable) and an extra outfit just in case you get wet.
Have fun! We’ll take care of making you look fantastic, so don’t worry about a thing. Most important is that you are calm, relaxed and ready to have a great time. Our number one goal is to make beautiful images capturing the essence of your love, while also providing an enjoyable experience. XOXO D&S